Solid-State Stylus Cleaner (TM)

"This is one of the best phono tweaks I have seen in several years..", Reviewer Bill Gaw wrote in Enjoythemusic.com.

Extremephono is conceived as my personal quest for music perfection.  First and foremost, I develop products that satisfy my first own musical quest:  accurate, dynamic, air, speed, transparency, frequency extension, better and cheaper.  

Declared here is the end of all liquid stylus cleaner.  Yes, there is possibly a solid cleaner, but read below and make up your mind.

Solid-State Stylus Cleaner is made of a high-tech polymer that seems like soft jello/gel-like solid, yet is is actually a very slow flowing, extremely high viscosity polymer, that is non-toxic, and non-polluting (but please don't eat it).  By having a much higher sheer strength than the adhesive force between dirt and stylus, the cleaner can pull the dirt away without detaching itself and will not stick to the stylus.  Pure chemistry and physics here. 

To use Solid State Stylus Cleaner, stop the platter, lay the cleaner directly on the platter, and use arm cue to drop the stylus into the content, and lift up immediately.  All the dirt is left behind.  Repeat as often as necessary, but do not leave the stylus in the content (useless, and may trap the whole cantilever inside the liquid).  Think about it like Quick Sand, when you're in it, better get out immediately. 


100% safe to the expensive cartridge:

Use only VTF to clean stylus, not hand or finger.  There is no stress to the suspension and cantilever.

No liquid, no solvent, no evaporation.  Why is liquid damaging ?  (1) Liquid weakens the adhesive between stylus and cantilever.  (2)  High-end cartridge with hollow cantilever will actually draw the liquid into the inside of the cartridge from capillary action.  (3) The evaporation eventually deposits a layer of grime on suspension elasto-meter and coil, eventually degrading the performance and accelerate the wear.  

None-stop music.   May not be critical for home listening, but for the active DJ during session, the cleaning action via VTF is so gentle, that the preamp can remain on.  Just 1 second to clean the stylus and back to music.  

No "dead-corner". When using brush, the "dead-corner", i.e., the corner gaps between cantilever and stylus can never be reached using a back-to-front stroke.  

Super easy .  When there is enough dirt trapped by the content, just need a toothpick to stir the content; bring up the clean portion from below.  Let the content settle in about less than a day.  Then it performs like new again.

Long Lasting.  No evaporation and very stable, as long as no solvent like alcohol ever get into the content.  Rated life is 5 years.

No Breakage, no spill.  But of course the most common problem with liquid cleaner is that every once in a while, you'll spill the whole bottle, or break the bottle.  $40 gone!

Sound :  There should be no sonic improvement in a stylus cleaner, but I did hear better detail and more texture, overall just 'cleaner' sounding.  My reference include all currently available liquid cleaner with a brush, with prices ranging from $19.95 to $49.95.  But I am not surprised, because the Solid State Stylus Cleaner is engineered to clean better.

Users' comments :  

"I must say that the mat and stylus cleaner I've recently bought from you have amazed me. The last few days, I've been replaying some of my favorite LP's while making use of your cleaner on my Grado Sonata.  I immediately noticed a more laid-back sound with much clearer highs and more dynamics in the mid-range. I wasn't sure I liked it (because it was so different), but kept going. With female vocals, a hard edge I'd experienced before was now gone. The depth and width of the soundstage were greatly increased. The sense of movement across the stage in opera was much enhanced. Finally, I realized that this must be what was actually recorded, and I'd never heard it before.  I'm sure that part of it is due to the removal of crud I'd never been able to remove using conventional stylus cleaners. The stylus must be riding lower in the groove retrieving more detail."

"After it arrived and I toiled with the fact whether or not to subject my beloved Allaerts to this clear quicksand type substance.  Bit the bullet and inspected the stylus first noting some dark areas on the styli--ran my Cardas LP's Ultrasonic tracks--still dark area on styli-- dunked as instructed in the goo a couple of time and bugger me the diamond came clear as a bell--no residue on cantilever/etc.  The listening tests confirmed a definite improvement, if slight in the presentation--and no worries with your precious carts. I feel it deserves a try-- I'm keeping mine."

"I have access to the Olympus 10x4x Microscope that Linn and their Dealers use worldwide and assembling the following array of dirty /soiled gunked up carts, I proceeded to test the "cleanability" of the goo, inspecting each cart carefully at Micro maximum focal length before and after.
A: Troika--before 2-10--needle thick with coal like shale on needle-after goo dunk--shiny clear-- 8-10.
B: Supex silver body--before 0-10-- needle hidden under slag heap of tar/iron filings/volcanic ash?-- after goo dunk--6-10- needle visible still slightly brownish color looks acceptable.
C: Asak--before 3-10--needle dark browny black with build up around base of styli-tip rounded, looked badly worn--after goo dunk--semi clear diamond (slightly warmish tint--age?) and remarkably there is the clean tip of the needle!--7-10.
Needless these are not real world examples--but!--are 10-20 year old units with all those years of buildup--sorta like those "ground in grease washing powder ads!" so even more impressive in my mind--no?"

"I use Casey's goo several times a day. I've inspected my Grado's with a 30 power lighted microscope and can confirm that the goo removes stuff that the usual stylus cleaning methods leave behind."

"Last night, I played an LP which evidently had some glob on it that wasn't removed by Disc Doctor and VPI 16.5 cleaning. Bad sound. Since the Dyna is susceptible to wicking any liquid cleaners up into the engine, and because I hadn't cleaned it since installation, I broke out the Extreme goo and proceeded to carefully clean the stylus about 20 times. The difference in sound was astounding, and still is. Surface noise is reduced by 90%, the sound stage is bigger than ever and detail retrieval is vastly enhanced. After all the hours I spent properly aligning this cart/arm combo, I think I've finally gotten close to what they can deliver."

ClearAudio Insider Reference Wood (this is a $12,000 cartridge) cleaned by Extremephono cleaner....(by an actual user/owner)

"..With the Cardas sweep record I degaussed the cartridge and the system at the same time, while with the ultrasonic vibration produced in the stylus, I was able to break any hard debris accumulated around like your dentist is doing with your teeth once in a while. After that, the work of the gel was easy, to pick-up and remove this detached debris... Before doing all this action, I had put on my platter The Royal Ballet (double LP), which I regard as one of the best recordings ever made on earth, and played it for 5 minutes (I prefer side 3 track one; 'the Nutcracker Suite'). After the cleaning action I played it again and I must report that differences were more that distinguishable. The illusion I had before of being there became a 'reality'. I could hear the breathing, the moving, even the joy on the face of the musicians. Depth of the orchestra was more clear, size of the instruments more real, echo of the Concert Hall more evident. That impression remained with other records I put afterwards..."


Description: The stylus is ready to dive in this high viscous polymer

The stylus is ready to dive in this high viscous polymer

Description: This is how the cantilever looked before cleaning. I couldn't make it dertier to look more impressive...

This is how the cantilever looked before cleaning. I couldn't make it dirtier to look more impressive...

Description: Stylus has been cleaned by the polymer

Stylus has been cleaned by the polymer

"What is left behind after "dipping your diamond" is a small dimple on the surface of the gel and presumably a layer of dirt from the stylus. After an hour or two the dimple is gone. Since I have a nearly new (and presumably clean) stylus I had a hard time ascertaining if it really worked. I mean, the gel isn't particularly sticky nor did I have a significant amount of crud that could be left behind. I don't have a microscope to review the stylus before and after. What convinced me though was after about 6 uses I held it up to the light so I could see through the substance. Low and behold, a small thin patch of crud could be seen dispersed in the gel at each point the stylus had come into contact with it in the past.

I'm sold!"

"I did have time to test Solid State Stylus Cleaner (SSSC) - fantastic. I happened to visit an audio buddy with a very recently defunct Shelter 901 and so I promptly re-installed his old Empire MC 1000 with Fritz Gyger II stylus that had some 600 hours on it. Three times for 5 seconds application of SSSC restored proper sound from closed down, mushy boring listening experience.  As they say, hearing is believing.

Back at home (at some 3.00 AM...) I tried to see how it looks cleaning with SSSC under 900x stereo microscope. It works, and it worked fine with an assortment of (ab)used cartridges. I used to work at Benz Micro in Switzerland and know quite some tricks I learned there and after on my own regarding stylus cleaning, and can confirm SSSC does the best possible job while posing minimal possible risk to the stylus being cleaned.  Only very old vinyl cloggings are beyond its capabilities - if one starts cleaning new stylus with SSSC, it is probably safe to say none will ever get accumulated."


   Description: http://www.extremephono.com/images/Cleaner2.JPG

 Click here (size=380K) to view actual cleaning action in Quicktime Movie.  (Download Quicktime 5.0 from Apple)

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